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Bad Joey - Digitally Narrated Audiobook

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


While I've been deep in the editing cave, my team and I have also been working on something new and exciting.

A Youtube channel.

And audiobooks.

The plan is to launch a new safe-for-work audiobook a month starting with...

Bad Joey.

Why safe-for-work you may ask?

Well, that's due to Youtube's Terms of Service. Which is one of the reasons the audiobooks are digitally narrated.

But fret not.

The NSFW version will be available to buy direct from me for the friendly price of $3.99

I'm starting with my contemporary romances since the voice-actor narrated audiobooks of those have been on hold.

I'm hoping this new venture will have fund those future audiobooks and in the meantime make my books more accessible to everyone.

This is just the first of many surprises this year and I hope you enjoy each and every one of them.

Listen to the SFW version FREE on Youtube.

Get the full NSFW version audiobook direct.

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