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July Reading Recs

July was such a weird month. I did so much reading but I couldn't tell you what else I did even though I finish a book, I wrote a short story and did a bunch more admin. But oh well, we're on month closer to the 2024 which is insane. But that also means another bingo is done!

Here's a reminder of July's Reading Bingo.

And July's winner is Nikki R.

Below, you'll find a list of July's participants' reads and perhaps you'll find a new favorite.

Please note this article contains affiliate links.

Bad Joey by Rhys Everly

Joey The whole world is against me. Everyone's turned their back on bad, evil Joey. They all believe the lies. Until him. Santiago. The man I can't stop thinking of. He believes me and in me. He doesn't care a damn what the world thinks. And when he finds himself in danger the only one that can protect him is me.

Santiago He's what nightmares are made of. He's the stuff crime documentaries warn you about. But that's not the real Joey. The real Joey craves one thing and one thing only. To be loved. And to save me from the awful people I've gotten mixed up with. So even though all signs tell me to run as far away from him as possible, I can't. Because I want to love him just like he needs me to. Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

Rival Princes by Jaxon Knight

Simon just wants to run his antique shop in peace.

But then he finds a small mysterious box that’s (probably) haunted, and his shop is broken into by the hottest man he’s ever seen who then steals said creepy box.

Now demons are after him and his only hope is to trust the tall, muscled, combat-boot-wearing thief who claims to be the son of a fallen angel.

Galen is charged with protecting humanity from dark forces. Cursed with Wrath, he’s hot-tempered and spends his days fighting demons and trying not to kill his six brothers when they irritate him.

His number one rule? Never fall in love. But then he meets Simon, a clumsy human who asks way too many questions and is—unfortunately—a total demon-magnet, and he starts breaking his own rules.

What’s inside the box, and why do the demons want it so badly? One thing is for sure… Simon can kiss his peaceful, ordinary life goodbye.

Book 1 in the Sons of the Fallen series. A low-angst urban fantasy MM romance featuring a grumpy half-angel and the human he swears he doesn’t like (he’s lying), seven warriors representing the deadly sins, a seaside mansion where they all live, banter, a snarky demon, and a HEA.

Forever Midnight by Mia Monroe

We are two souls torn apart by tragedy and brought back together by fate. Are we doomed to repeat history? Tru I’m a one man army intent on saving my family from certain ruin. I’m the only one who knows my sister’s terrible secret, and I intend to keep it that way. It’s just that I may be a little in over my head taking on the city’s worst gang. I’ve been backed into a corner more than once until a mysterious man with few words but a face that could make the stars jealous rescues me. Twice. The first time I ran, intent on focusing on my mission, even though I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But the second time? Yeah, he got me. We joined forces in more ways than one, our lives slowly becoming entangled. I feel things with him I never have. Like the eerie sense that I’ve been here before. We’ve been here before. It’s impossible to shake the familiarity, and what’s worse is I know Midnight is hiding something from me. When the truth finally comes out and the mistakes of the past show themselves, I have to decide what my future looks like. Do I return to the life I’ve always known or embrace a new future, one that is Forever Midnight? Forever Midnight is book two in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book two contains a detached vampire with a long broken heart, a spoiled mortal with an appetite for vengeance, a very big problem, wait, rogue vampires, always lots of heat, and a love story centuries in the making.

Jarrah by Alexis Woods

One day, She showed him the way. The ten steps he needed to help Her. He traveled the world for seventeen years preparing. Putting pieces into place. And now the time has come. Her plan has begun. Jarrah gave the baby a drop of his Fae blood, and when Valter was all grown up, She brought the young human his mates. A blessed prince of the realm, a stubborn vampire, a bold wolf. Three: bonded in mind and spirit. With those two steps completed, he could fulfill that which was his own. Another bond of three. A stubborn prince of the Fae mated with an ancient, cynical vampire and an optimistic wolf. Time was of the essence now. But those two… for him? Fate didn’t make mistakes, but maybe this time She did. Jarrah is the second of a five-book series with an overall arc. Each book contains a new romantic entanglement, builds on the previous installments, and should be read in order.

STAHP In The Name of Love by Crista Crown and Susi Hawke

I'm a simple guy, you know? Point me in a direction, tell me what to do, and I get it done. Life is pretty easy. Until I scent my mate, Parker Donovan. Parker's the father of two and on the run for a murder he didn't commit. The victim? His abusive ex-husband. The one who pulled the trigger? His youngest, Casey, and he'll do anything to protect her. The big trouble is, it's not the law he's running from--though they're on the lookout for him, too--but his husband's family. Now it's up to me and my team to protect my mate and his kids and find a way to stop the vigilantes after them, all the while someone's stirring up trouble in STAHP, wanting to turn back to our old ways. As complicated as things get, I know one thing: now that I've found my mate, I'm not letting anyone take him away from me.

Golden by Helen Juliet

Can three very hungry bears find their own sweet golden boy? GOLDIE Thanks to my no-good ex, I’m up to my eyeballs in debt…to an adult entertainment company. The owner offers me the chance of a lifetime: if I keep my lips zipped about why I’m there, I can work off the loan in front of the camera. I’m thrilled, but self-conscious: who wants to work with a skinny twink like me? Then the biggest, scariest star of all asks for me. In fact, Daddy demands me. And, like both his partners warn me: what Daddy wants, Daddy gets. Can I really handle three bears? As they close in on me, I realise…it’s too late to run. DADDY Goldie is shy, innocent, brand-new…and totally irresistible. I’m going to make him ours. The three of us have enough love for a fourth. It’s supposed to be only for a weekend, but our golden angel’s secrets betray a broken soul that needs mending…and I’m the man to do it. Goldie’s sleazy ex is too cold for him, and this weekend might be too hot. But the four of us together? That feels just right. And when I find out why Goldie’s really there, we’ll stop at nothing to save our golden boy. Golden is a super steamy, standalone MMMM gay romance novella featuring a picturesque cottage in the English countryside, lashings of praise for a shy boy, one very fat cat who knows best, enough porridge for four hungry tummies, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

Greed by Fel Fern

Jumpy investigator Quentin never expected a small town single dad to be his biggest weakness. Or welcome him into his family. On the hunt for a lead in small town Darlington, Quentin instead finds Leo, a broad-chested shifter alpha. The man's surly and grumpy with a clear distrust for visitors. But, there's no denying that he puts Quentin in a toe-curling heat he's never felt before.

Good Girl for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother

When three outlaw bikers call me their good girl, it makes me want to do bad, bad things. From the outside, our family was perfect. My father, a strong, god-fearing widower who gracefully married a single mother with a troubled son, and me, his dutiful and obedient daughter. But behind closed doors, he ruled with an iron fist. Father’s word was law, and I did exactly what I was told because it kept me safe and it was all I knew. My stepbrother Crash never learned that lesson. He was born too wild to keep his head down or his mouth shut, and I loved him for it desperately. Right up until we shared one hot, forbidden kiss—my very first—and father saw it. It was the last time I saw Crash. He ran and never looked back, at least not until now. Rolling into town on his motorcycle with a Screaming Eagles MC patch on his back and flanked by his brothers-in-arms, Preacher and Devil, he’s older, stronger, sexier and ready to raise hell. I’d expected Crash to get my blood rushing and my heart pumping—I never thought that Preacher and Devil would make me feel the same way. Preacher is sinfully seductive, confident like a stalking tiger. Even when his silky voice is soft, there’s no hiding the deadly steel underneath. He could tempt an angel into his bed, and I’m just a woman who goes weak in the knees when his lips caress my ear and he calls me his good girl. Devil is the kind of man who won’t ask why you need him to help bury a body, only how deep. His unflinching loyalty to his brothers in the MC makes me long for someone to feel that way about me. And when he does, he makes me feel like the center of the whole universe, worshiping me with the kind of skill that makes me beg for mercy and then go back for more. And Crash is the forbidden stepbrother who kissed me and vanished. As passionate and impulsive now as he was as a boy, he’s grown into a man who’s done running and is back to take what he wants—which is me. When he does, he puts my naive fantasies to shame. He’s all in on life, and that includes our bed. Or anywhere else. My father has promised my hand in marriage to a man I detest, but Crash, Preacher and Devil aren’t having it. They steal me away and then all hell breaks loose. Because my father has a fury of biblical proportions, my creepy fiancé has lethal plans all of his own, and when the dust settles, someone’s going down. GOOD GIRL FOR THE BIKERS is a motorcycle club reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It's book 5 in the Screaming Eagles MC Series of standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances.

All or Nothing by Macy Blake

Have You Been Chosen? Sawyer Smith is preparing to take on the world, and with his graduate degree only days away, he’s hoping to convince his gorgeous best friend and neighbor to come along for the ride. There’s only one problem; Draco has a secret, a big scaly secret, and it’s about to change Sawyer’s life forever. When three mysterious men move into the new mansion across the street, Sawyer is plunged into a fantastical world he never knew existed. Discovering that Draco is a dragon shifter and a guardian of The Chosen One--a creature sent by the Goddess to restore the realm’s broken magic--is only the tip of the paranormal iceberg. Being drawn into this strange new world is challenging enough, but then Sawyer finds himself attracted to all The Chosen One’s guardians: not only Draco, but also quiet and fierce vampire Andvari, sweet mage Henry, and ruthlessly smart griffin Eduard. And, oh yeah, it turns out not all magical creatures are friendly. Forces aligned against The Chosen One are out to destroy the guardians so the prophecy can never be fulfilled. The biggest problem of all, though, is that once The Chosen One is found, Sawyer will have to return to his boring human life... alone. But in the paranormal world, there are no half measures. As danger mounts, Sawyer must choose between walking away from the men he’s grown to care for or risking it all for a chance at a future together.


If you'd like to take part in August's Bingo, here are the details!

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