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My legacy is to hate him, but I can’t.

Life was normal. Until a woman appears and tells me I’m an elf and she’s my grandmother. Not quite what I expected after another day at the office.

Soon, I’m thrown into a world of duty, magic, and monsters.

And a family feud as old as time itself.

I would have run. I would have gone back to my old life. Or started a new one.

But when the man I’m supposed to hate turns out to be my elven soulmate the only thing I can do is fight for my right to love him.
No matter what kind of monster gets in the way.

Elven Duty is a gay urban fantasy romance with two star-crossed lovers, a ton of monsters hellbent on destroying this dimension and a secret “baby”. This book has a Happy For Now ending with a tease of the next book in the series.

This book was previously part of the Magic Emporium multi-author series. The only changes made are the fixing of awry typos and the addition of the last chapter tease.

Elven Duty

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