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The trickster god is free and he's under my command.
When I asked the old witch under Camden Lock for help with avenging my family's murder I didn't expect her solution would be to invoke a powerful god.

Loki is big, strong and pissed!
Thankfully he's bound to me so he can't hurt me.
But the only way he'll ever help me get my revenge is if I help him find someone really important first.
The problem is the more time I spend with him, the less I'm able to resist him.

But I can't let my guard down.
He might say all he wants from me is to punch my V-card and end the people that killed my family, but I know he wants something more.
And I'm scared it has the potential to destroy everything.

How can a young, meek little witch like me tame a god like him?

Loki and his Master is the first book in the Demon Gods series, a spin-off series set in the Cursed Hearts universe.
Demon Gods is a contemporary fantasy MM romance/urban fantasy MM romance series where mythical gods are re-incarnated into the 21st century and let loose to destroy, avenge and fall in love with young little witches. Written in British English with US spelling and grammar.

mythical gods modernized, witches, demons, master/servant, Ds, age gap, punching his v-card, hurt/comfort, forced co-operation, beauty and the beast vibes, alpha protector, tragic past, big/small pairing, lover in peril, trouble magnet, I don't know if I can trust you, urban fantasy world, morally gray main characters, Polish folklore, Norse mythology

Loki and his Master

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