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It was a night of passion with two best friends.
How was I supposed to know they’d end up being my teachers?


Professor Carter refuses to acknowledge me.
He doesn’t do his students. And he doesn’t do relationships. It’s the only way he knows to protect his broken heart. 


Professor Everett is the sweetest.
But what else could I expect from this attractive bear? If only he wasn’t so desperately in love with his best friend.


Is there space in their bed and hearts for me? Or am I just the wedge between the two friends with benefits?


Me Three is the second book in Rhys Everly’s steamy, low-angst, teacher/student romance series, A Proper Education, but can be read as a standalone.

It contains a non-binary character, best friends to lovers, steamy threeways and a poly-for-you trope.


Me Three

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