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"I'm not going gay because of a pretty young man with pink hair and a gorgeous smile."

Divorced. Beaten down. Directionless.
They don't call me Officer Grumpy-pants for nothing.
But then a ray of sunshine with pink hair steps into my life and...
He changes my entire worldview.
Somehow I end up working in his bubble tea shop and trying to protect him from whoever is causing trouble in his life.
But who's going to protect me from these new, strange feelings for my sweet, Korean boss?

He's big and grumpy and everything I imagine a Navy SEAL to be like.
But despite his intimidating appearance all I want is to put a smile on his face.
It becomes my new challenge and I will do anything to succeed.
I just have to be careful not to fall in love for my straight, gruff employee.
Love is the last thing I need in my life.
Even if he makes it look so irresistible, I will not fall for that mother-Parker!

Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

Mother Parker

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