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He’s a ray of sunshine, but he’s my son’s best friend.

My life has had three modes since my wife passed away.



And work.

And I’m not even any good at that.

Unless I find the money I owe everyone, only a miracle can keep my bar afloat.

Until he comes into my life.

Kyle Brady.

I’ve never looked at another man the same way I look at him.

It’s a dangerous feeling.

Somehow I’m roped into letting him help my business and he wants to fix everything.

Including my broken heart.

Want to know how?

Read now and find out.

Wayward Love is the second book in the Cedarwood Beach small town gay romance series and is completely standalone. It contains a May/December sunshine/grumpy romance, a bisexual awakening and a happily ever after.

Wayward Love

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