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A hidden, complicated world.

Creatures of legend in conflict with one another.

The Witch High Council has been ruling for far too long. Everyone is at war.

No one is safe.

And as if that wasn't enough, the gates of hell open up and demons are unleashed into the world.

This is the Cursed Hearts universe, where everything is possible and usually in the most brutal way.

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A Taste of Cursed Hearts

Download the free novella Cursed Mate and meet the world of witches, their familiar mates and the monsters that hide in the shadows threatening the "peace".


There are currently 3 series in the Cursed Hearts universe. Keep scrolling for a suggested reading order.

Killer Heart
Cursed Dance
Loki and his Master
Killer Heart New Cover SMALL.jpg
Cursed Hearts Series

Where it all started. 

With Caleb and Wade.

A witch and a witch hunter. 

One has a heart that feels too much.

The other has a heart that doesn't feel anything at all.

So they make an unlikely deal.

Even though they should be killing each other, they agree to swap hearts.

And then the world turns on them both.

Cursed Dance SMALL.jpg
Cursed Hearts Companion Novellas

The companion novellas are what it says on the tin.

They take place in Wade and Caleb's world, or in their periphery, and are meant to compliment the story or offer small chapters in the main couples lives.

Cursed Night SMALL.jpg
Demon Gods Series

The new series in this universe takes inspiration from ancient myth and brings the gods we all know and love into 21st century London, where they meet the little witches that will be their blessing...

...or their undoing.


Loki and his Master

The first book in this series introduces everyone's favorite god. 


The god of tricks, chaos and mischief.

Only there's a catch. 

For him.

He has to do what his master tells him. Because he may be walking the earth again, but he's not free. 

He's bound to a witch.

And he will do anything to release himself.

My Demon Charming Red.png

The novella trilogy is a little darker, a little naughtier, and a little bloodier. 

Meet Yu-jin, tortured human bound to a family that hates him and abuses him in every aspect imaginable. 

Until he gets his hand on a demon summoning kit and his life changes forever

Trigger warnings for non-consensual sex/sexual assault and gory violence

My Demon Charming
My Demon Teacher
My Demon Husband

Meet the Characters


Caleb Carlyle


Wade Rawthorne


Tomasz Nowak





AKA The Index

Did you find a term that confused you?

Was there mention of a creature you've never heard before? 

Fear not because I've created a dictionary to answer all your questions.

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