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Privacy Policy

This policy was updated on 07/20/21

About Email Data

Rhys Writes Romance may collect your data, upon your consent, to send you marketing updates and campaigns. Your data will never be sold to third parties and will only be used by Rhys, with your consent.

Your data will be stored electronically on the data processor of choice (currently AWeber & MailerLite).

Your email will be used to get in touch with you in regards to project updates, new releases and limited offers by email only. Your email may also occasionally be used for advertising purposes through Facebook by ways of look-alike audiences and direct advertisement. Advertising on Facebook is done either by matching your email to an existing profile, or matching your interests with other users who might also be interested in the same authors and books.

You can edit your profile by visiting your profile page by clicking the link in the footer of the email, or you can contact

You can unsubscribe from Rhys email list at any moment by hitting the Unsubscribe button on the emails you receive or you can email

You can also request for your data to be deleted by emailing


About this Site

Rhys Writes Romance uses Facebook Pixel and cookies to customize content and advertising.

The website also uses Amazon affiliate links, and as such the owner of this website may get paid advertising fees if you buy something after clicking the links.

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