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Cursed HeartsDictionary

Stumble upon a term that confused you?

Was there mention of a creature you've never heard before? 

Fear not because I've created a dictionary to answer all your questions.


Demon of Electricity. One of the demons released when the ley lines opened the gates of hell.

BLADE force

the task force of witch hunters whose sole purpose is to find and eliminate witches.


a group of witches, usually based on geographical location.


A Nightcrawler species descended from giants.


The effect of a spell being cast which in turn turns to residue. It fades off after a certain time, depending on the strength of the spell.


A shifter. Protectors of witches. They bond and mate for life with witches who they are destined to protect.

High Council

the governing body of a coven.


The process of awakening a witch’s powers, including their natural power and their spell casting abilities.

Java Jinx

A café in Paternoster Square, London that doubles as a spell shop. Ran by Caleb Carlyle.

Mated App

An app for Nightcrawlers. Primarily used for familiars to find their mates, but also used for hook


Paranormal creatures.


Lesser common use of magic. Usually in liquid form.


It used to refer to an actual book but it now refers to a piece of jewelry or any object that can hold spells/crystals. E.g. a rosary made of crystals, or a ring.


Pronounced se·ptoon.
A type of witch that can whisper charms


Earth Nightcrawlers with immense strength. They are a secretive species and not much is known about them other than they are the strongest species of Nightcrawlers.

Wild Boys

Strip club where Sacha worked when he met Adi. Now owned by Adi/Adaman.

Angel Guard

A supernatural force tasked with keeping order in the Nightcrawler and Witch world.


Tattoo Parlor in Soho, London, owned by Sandro Petrelli.

Craft Royale

A pub in Soho where Drew works.


a higher entity with unimaginable power. Term is interchangeable with God/dess.


God/Demon of War. Has been trapped under the ley lines for thousands of years. Can be invoked by sacrificing 5 powerful witches at key points of magical convergence in London.

Green Mile

A pub where humans aware of the paranormal world meet and mingle with Nightcrawlers.

High Priest/ess

a member of the high council.


A Nightcrawler species that feeds off sex. If you get an Incubus to fall for you, then you’ve found a partner for life. Plus, great sex forever. A female incubus is called succubus.


the process of mixing energy with a physical object.

Mother Red Cap

An old witch that lives under Camden who stays out of witch business but tends to help Nightcrawlers.


a rare and immortal Nightcrawler species that regenerates from their own ashes. They can also heal others by sacrificing part or all of themselves.


Goddess/Demon of Death. She has been trapped under the ley lines with her husband after her daughter, Avalis, put her there. Can only be invoked by a psychic witch.


a word or phrase that casts a spell.

The Crow

Nightcrawler and Witch pub.


A Nightcrawler species that feeds off blood.


A potion that conceals wolves.


Goddess/Demon of Compassion. An empath creature who can only be invoked by an empath witch, by mating with another being in a ritual of blood and sex.


a witch hunter’s sword. Also slang term for a witch hunter.

Crown Jewels

Powerful spells kept in the Tower of London and guarded by the seven raven familiars under the Queen’s command.


A very rare Nightcrawler species. Energy vampires.


The ability to feel the emotions of others.


One of many dimensions where demons where trapped millennia ago.


A sword owned originally by Heimdall that is used to bind Loki to a master.


Bar frequented by Nightcrawlers, witches and humans who know about them go there for uninhibited, judgement

Ley lines

locations of immense power.

Natural power

a witch’s inherent power that does not require the use of a spell.


Magical eggs of immense power gifted to select families of szeptuns thousands of years ago.


a crystal of various sizes and colours created by alchemy that can be used by witches to perform magical tasks. A spell can be cast by a word or phrase called a spellword.


A szeptun’s whisper. The power of whispering.

Tower of London

Primarily a safe place for powerful spells. Secondarily, a ley line intersection.


An enchantment performed by a whisperer.


supernatural and human club in Soho, frequented by a primarily queer population.

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