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Who is Rhys Wilder?

Rhys Wilder is my new pen name for Male/Female romances with a wild side. 

What does that mean? Scifi alien romances and monster pararnomal romances will be Rhys Wilder's jam.

If you want to find out more, check out and follow my Amazon author page.

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Don't miss my debut in
Taken by the Devilish King

My biggest fan abducted me.
Did I mention he's also an alien king?

I'm at the peak of my career. I'm getting movies at every turn. All my dreams are finally becoming true.
So of course that's when he kidnaps me. alien devil who needs me to keep his throne.
I want to hate him. I really do.
But when he treats me like his queen and claims me as one, how can I?

Getting abducted and becoming an alien queen was definitely not in my 5-year plan. But neither was falling in love.

Coming soon in wide retailers.

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