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Mayberry Holm.

The island off the coast of Cape Cod. Home to some amazing Queer characters and some big, battle-worn ex-Navy SEALs.

If you find this compass on any books, that's because they're part of the Mayberry Holm universe.

Now, make no mistake, all Rhys Everly books are interconnected (sometimes in fun ways) but even more so, Mayberry Holm books take that to the next level with characters, places, and situations that weave into one another seamlessly. 

Unless the books are part of a series (like Mayberry Protectors), they can also be read as a standalone.

Travel to Mayberry Holm

Forever Asher v3 SMALL.jpg

The first trip to Mayberry Holm can be found in Forever Asher, a best friends to lovers & bi-awakening romance.

It all starts with a road trip...

"I kissed my best friend and I liked it."

Mayberry Protectors

Over the last few years, the peaceful island has been disturbed by unprecedented crime. That's where Wyatt and his team come in.

Retired SEAL commander Wyatt Goodman and his teammates take on the task of cleaning up the island of its criminals while finding the love of their lives in the meantime.

The books of Mayberry Protectors in order.

For more connections with other books and series, check out my reader maps.

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The Holiday Experiment SMALL.jpg

Why did I suddenly feel like I’d been punched in the gut by a beautiful, bittersweet memory?

Oh yeah. Probably because I’d just bumped into Carson Williams and asked him to kiss me like a goof.

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