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Cedarwood Beach

Complete Series

Small towns never looked so... gay.

A Greek-American family, a wise, no-bullshit grandma, second chances, bi-awakenings, reformed bullies, secret royals and so much more.

Fresh Start

“So you’re in love with a boy,” Summer said and let the last word draw out as if she had a secret and teasing me with it.
“No!” I answered straight away. “No boys. Whatsoever. It’s been a long time since I had the time for love.”

Rogue Affair

“Go away, Hudson. I’m trying to storm off,” I said and pursed my lips.
He kept his hand on the door and tilted his head with a silly grin.
“You’ve already stormed off. Now can we talk?”
“No,” I said.

Royal Fling

"You can be as loud as you want, Lucas. There's no one on this floor but you and me," he said.
"What about your bodyguards?"
"I dismissed them. Unless you're planning to do bad things to me," he said, grinning with a cheeky smile that sent me into a needy frenzy.

Wayward Love

“Beg for it,” Kyle hummed and I wanted to slap the confidence out of him.
“I want you to take me, Kyle,” I said.
“Is that the best you got, Mr. K.?” he whispered in my ear.

Storm Bound

“What about you?” I whispered. “Do you like being taken?”
He froze, looked at my lips, and swallowed. When he nodded, it was barely noticeable.
“I like taking control, too.” I was still whispering in his ear, and boy, was it hot being so close to him.

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