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Works in Progress

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Clean Slade Kindle.png

Clean Slade

King meets his match in Clean Slade! 

Are you ready? 

You have no idea what's in store...

Demon Gods, Book 2

Demons. Gods. Saviors. Destroyers.

They've had many names and they've been banished long enough.

Now they're back to claim their place on this world and win the hearts of young little witches who ask for their help.

Demon Gods Kindle.png
Blake and Beast.png

Blake & theBeast

Remember Blake and his Beast from the limited-time Anthology?

Well, it's coming back, this time on its own 2 feet. 

I don't know when just yet as I'll be working on some re-writes and edits, but if you're on my newsletter, FB group or Patreon, you'll be the first to know. 

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