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Mother Parker

A new Everly series is landing in your Kindle in 2022.

It's got all the ingredients of a Rhys Everly series, including:

- Small island

- Ex-Navy SEALs

- Big/Small Pairings

- Alpha/Femme Pairings

- Steamy encounters

- And a secret security team determined to protect the island from crime and mayhem

Elven Game

Brace yourselves for more Royal shenanigans.

The long-awaited sequel to Elven Duty...

This is my next project that I'll be working on in October 2021.

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Blake & theBeast

Remember Blake and his Beast from the limited-time Anthology?

Well, it's coming back, this time on its own 2 feet. 

I don't know when just yet as I'll be working on some re-writes and edits, but if you're on my newsletter, FB group or Patreon, you'll be the first to know. 

The Greek Word for Love

A Chris Ethan re-release.

Previously published as A Taste of Agapi, The Greek Word for Love is a project I'm currently editing and will be releasing as soon as it's done.

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Witch Heart

Have you missed Wade & Caleb?

So have I.

Another long-awaited sequel.

The penultimate book in the Cursed Hearts series should be coming in 2022. Emphasis on should. 

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Coming Soon inAudio

Now that John has finished narrating the Proper Education series, he's got another task at hand.

He's been contracted to start work the "Roman & Jude: Monster Hunters" series. 

Elven Duty should be hitting the digital shelves sometime around March.