Me Three - Exclusive - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Tru

“Would you like a drink?” one of them asks me and I’m having a hard time focusing on his face, when his abs and chest are on full display, and the V leading to his crotch so defined I just want to lick it until I get to the prize.

“Erm, no, I’m fine,” I say.

“Cool,” he says. His name is Carter. He walks over to the fridge and comes back with two cans, passing one to his friend, Everett.

He’s also topless, although where Carter is chiseled and smooth, Everett’s got a hint of a beer belly and dark hair all over, like a good bear. And me likey.

“So…” Carter says. “Are you new to New Harlow?”

I shake my head, swallowing very slowly, trying not to so obviously salivate in front of them.

“Born and raised here,” I tell them.

“Nice,” Carter says. “We just moved here six months ago.”

“Are you guys… together? I thought you said—”

Their Cinderfella profile said they were just friends, but I can totally see them lying about it.

“No. We’re best friends,” Everett says behind his can before taking a sip.

“With benefits,” Carter adds. “We’ve known each other since we were five, and we both got jobs here so we moved here. We’re from Philly.”

My hands are sweaty and I try to rub them on my jeans without giving away my nerves. And horniness. It’s kinda hard to have a conversation when I know we’ll all be naked in a few and getting real familiar.

“Cool,” I manage to say.

“We’re boring you, sorry,” Carter apologizes and sets his beer down.

I shake my head while Everett bites his lip. “If there’s one thing you know, that’s how to kill a mood,” he chuckles, only to get a glare from Carter.

“He didn’t. Not at all,” I say.

Carter’s hand comes up on my nape and his fingers brush my neck.

“But we’re not here to discuss our lives,” he says and he scooches closer to me, his lips brushing my cheek. “Are we?” he says. His other hand grabs my other cheek and he turns me to his face kissing my lips, his tongue not holding back. He finds my own tongue and deepens the kiss from the get-go. God, I’m so fucking horny and we haven’t even started yet.

He squeezes the side of my face before dropping hi hand down to my chest, squeezing my nipples over my T-shirt.

He’s equal parts delicate and rough and I like the way he touches me. How he massages the back of my neck gently, while making my nipples hard and sore.

“Ar-are you not joining us?” I break the kiss long enough to look at Everett.

God, he looks so handsome and sexy, sitting opposite us, beer in one hand, the other grabbing his hardness over his sweats and looking at us with need and desperation.

“He likes watching,” Carter whi