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Me Three - Exclusive - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Tru

“Would you like a drink?” one of them asks me and I’m having a hard time focusing on his face, when his abs and chest are on full display, and the V leading to his crotch so defined I just want to lick it until I get to the prize.

“Erm, no, I’m fine,” I say.

“Cool,” he says. His name is Carter. He walks over to the fridge and comes back with two cans, passing one to his friend, Everett.

He’s also topless, although where Carter is chiseled and smooth, Everett’s got a hint of a beer belly and dark hair all over, like a good bear. And me likey.

“So…” Carter says. “Are you new to New Harlow?”

I shake my head, swallowing very slowly, trying not to so obviously salivate in front of them.

“Born and raised here,” I tell them.

“Nice,” Carter says. “We just moved here six months ago.”

“Are you guys… together? I thought you said—”

Their Cinderfella profile said they were just friends, but I can totally see them lying about it.

“No. We’re best friends,” Everett says behind his can before taking a sip.

“With benefits,” Carter adds. “We’ve known each other since we were five, and we both got jobs here so we moved here. We’re from Philly.”

My hands are sweaty and I try to rub them on my jeans without giving away my nerves. And horniness. It’s kinda hard to have a conversation when I know we’ll all be naked in a few and getting real familiar.

“Cool,” I manage to say.

“We’re boring you, sorry,” Carter apologizes and sets his beer down.

I shake my head while Everett bites his lip. “If there’s one thing you know, that’s how to kill a mood,” he chuckles, only to get a glare from Carter.

“He didn’t. Not at all,” I say.

Carter’s hand comes up on my nape and his fingers brush my neck.

“But we’re not here to discuss our lives,” he says and he scooches closer to me, his lips brushing my cheek. “Are we?” he says. His other hand grabs my other cheek and he turns me to his face kissing my lips, his tongue not holding back. He finds my own tongue and deepens the kiss from the get-go. God, I’m so fucking horny and we haven’t even started yet.

He squeezes the side of my face before dropping hi hand down to my chest, squeezing my nipples over my T-shirt.

He’s equal parts delicate and rough and I like the way he touches me. How he massages the back of my neck gently, while making my nipples hard and sore.

“Ar-are you not joining us?” I break the kiss long enough to look at Everett.

God, he looks so handsome and sexy, sitting opposite us, beer in one hand, the other grabbing his hardness over his sweats and looking at us with need and desperation.

“He likes watching,” Carter whispers in my ear. “He’ll join us when he’s ready.”

Why does that make me harder? Why does that make me want to feel his touch even more?

I resume my kissing with Carter, but keep my eyes open and make sure to stare back at Everett who’s burning me with his gaze.

My hands finally decide to wake up and I use the back of my palm to press against Carter’s crotch. He’s as hard as me and he moans in my mouth a little when my knuckles prod his balls.

This is terrible. Having a hunk of a man kissing me, another hunk watching us and yet we’re all still clothed. Well, me more than them. But the truth of the matter is they’re still wearing pants when I want to worship the cocks they’re hiding underneath already.

I lift my free hand—my left one is still busy with Carter’s crotch—and use my fingers to invite Everett over.

His eyes narrow and for a moment I think he plans on ignoring me, but after a moment—that lasts too long in my opinion—he gets up and sits to my right.

Immediately, I break away from Carter and turn to kiss Everett.

His kiss is different. Where Carter is full-on force and passion, Everett is all about the promise. His tongue avoids mine, then touches the tip or runs it along the back of my teeth, but when I try to fully taste it, he retracts it again.

“You’re a tease, aren’t you?” I ask, pulling away.

He smirks with a smoldering look that I know can send me down a spiral. Thank fuck this is only for a night.

He dips back to my lips and takes my lower lip between his teeth, pulling, breathing hard, his nose pressing down on mine.

Carter is planting hickeys along my neck and shoulder while his hand finds my cock. He rests his palm on it, his finger pressing on my taint.

Since I have both hands free, I put them under both their pants and wrap them around their cocks. An uncontrollable whimper vibrates out of me. Carter feels long while Everett feels thick and I just want to drop down and take them both in my mouth.

“We’re wearing too many clothes,” I whisper when Everett lets my lip go.

“Agreed,” Carter says and bucks his hips to slip his pants off. He’s not been wearing any underwear.

I look down at him and his crotch is as clean shaven as the rest of his body. He’s at least seven inches and circumcised. Everett mimics his friend. He’s about six inches, but thick as fuck, and uncut.

“You guys are gonna make me cum before we even get to the good bits, flashing me those things,” I say, looking from one to the other, licking my lips, and trying to decide which one to start with, as if I’m picking ice cream flavors.

“You said we’re overdressed,” Carter laughs.

“You were, but give a girl a minute.”

I lift my hands and squeeze both their faces. I don’t know what sort of God or Goddess have taken me under their wing, but I’m fucking grateful to them for sending these two beauties my way.

I grab them both by the back of the neck and pull them to my mouth for a three way kiss that’s so hot, it causes my body temperature to rise.

Our tongues meet in the middle and lick until I can no longer tell which tongue belongs to whom, not even my own.

Carter grabs the hem of my T-shirt and pulls away.

“Why are you still dressed?” he asks and smiles at Everett who also grabs the hem.

“And you’re calling me a tease,” Everett tells me.

They lift my Tee off and then Carter gets to work on my jeans, undoing the buttons, and then Everett grabs both the band of my jeans and my underwear and pulls them off.

“There. Much better,” Carter says.

“I’ll say,” Everett groans, sitting on the floor getting the skinny jeans off my ankles but staring at my cock with a real hunger.

I grab the back of his head, my hand disappearing under his black curls and pull him down to my length. As with his kisses, he’s a tease with my cock too. His tongue strokes my slit, his thumb and index wrapped at my base, his breath blowing hot on my wet-with-precum head.

“Do you have to torture me?” I ask him.

“Oh yeah. He loves what it does to you,” Carter whispers in my ear.

“Fine,” I tell Everett and I lie over Carter’s dick to take it in my mouth. No teasing required.

I can feel Everett’s stare on my face, but I’m actively avoiding his beautiful brown eyes. Two can play the teasing game.

I run my tongue along Carter’s length. He twitches. His hands rest on my head, but he’s not forcing me down.

Everett’s tongue flicks over my slit and I can still feel his gaze. As if to show him I don’t play games, I wrap my lips around Carter’s cock and push as far down as I can go.

And just when I feel like I won this little competition with Everett, my cock is in the back of his throat and I have to clench and stop before I come in his throat..

I lift off Carter for a moment to call Everett a fucker and swallow him again.

Carter massages my neck and his hands glide down my waist and then land on my ass cheeks. He squeezes one and I push his cock further down my throat.

A finger rests at my rim and before I can even acknowledge whose it is, it’s already inside. I moan with Carter’s dick in my mouth and take pause. When I open my eyes, I can see it’s Everett’s. But Carter lifts his hand off my ass and then he adds a finger in me too and all I want is to scream with pleasure.

“You guys are terrible,” I groan.

“We know,” Carter says.

“Who’s fucking me first?” I ask them.

Carter raises his hand in the air like an eager student to answer today’s pop quiz and it takes all my self-control not to laugh.

“Yeah, let’s start with you, because I’ll die before Mr. Tease over there decides to put his dick inside me,” I say and Everett tilts his head to the side.

“That’s uncalled for. I wanted to go first,” he says.

“I can suck you while he’s fucking me,” I tell him.

Everett bites his lip in response.

Both guys take their fingers out of me and Carter gets up. He bends over the coffee table and lifts the lid of a small container to reveal a whole stack of condoms. He tears one with his teeth and then opens a drawer from the side of the coffee table to take a bottle of lube out.

“Were you a boy scout?” I ask him.

Carter shrugs.

“How did you know?”

“Always be prepared?” I chuckle looking at the condom and lube in his hands.

“You know it,” he winks and passes the condom to Everett.

“I thought you’re fucking me first,” I tell Carter.

“I am,” he says.

Everett drops to his knees in front of Carter and puts the condom in front of Carter’s dick, then uses his mouth to roll it down his length.

Even when the condom is fully on, he continues sucking Carter rigorously, hands fisting a butt cheek and a slurping sound that is just the icing on the cake.

“I’m starting to get a bit jealous here,” I say and Carter laughs.

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart, you’ll get your D too.”

Everett pumps lube in his fingers and smears it all over his friend’s dick and keeps sucking him.

“Goddess, I wish I had a friend like that when I was growing up,” I say.

At that, Everett pulls away from Carter and wipes his fingers on my asshole, lubricating me in the process.

I readjust on the sofa and lie across it. Everett sits at my head and puts his dick on my face while Carter sits at the other end, lifting my legs in the air.

Both men insert themselves into my holes at the same time, with absolute precision that would make anyone come undone. It’s like they’ve done this a hundred times before and considering they’ve known each other for so long, they probably have.

Which begs the question: Why aren’t they together?

Soon I forget my question, their names, my whole life as I get the pounding of a lifetime.

Carter is the biggest I’ve had, he reaches so far inside me, rubbing against my prostate, that the only thing stopping me from shouting off the top of my voice is Everett’s dick.

I look at Everett who’s staring at Carter, and Carter is staring at Everett. I would feel like a third wheel if I wasn’t so full and horny.

And then they switch, Everett’s dick stretches my hole even more, while Carter’s chokes me with every stroke.

This time while they’re fucking me, they lean over me and kiss each other, and stay there, pounding me harder and faster.

I sit there watching them, looking so hot together, connected to me, and I stroke myself.

As soon as I do, Everett grabs my wrist and stops me.

“No jerking off,” he grumbles. “What do you think we’re here for?”

He thrusts my hand away and I lift it to run it along Everett’s bushy torso, using my other hand to do the same with Carter.

I squeeze Everett’s nipples between my fingers and it makes him groan.

Then, all of a sudden, without warning, he pulls out, slips the condom off and sits on my crotch, stroking himself fast, and moaning loud.

His seed spills all over my chest and he keeps pumping even when he’s spilled everything. And then Carter pulls away from my mouth and does the same.

“You guys are—”

I don’t really get a chance to praise them, because they both drop to the floor and start stroking and licking my cock.

Just watching them side by side, at the mercy of my dick, a daddy bear with the most smoldering look I’ve ever seen, and the sexiest chiseled Adonis I’ve ever had the pleasure of hooking up with, I can’t help but hope this isn’t the last time we’re doing this.

Yes, I know they’re only looking for a no-strings-attached fun night, but no one said we can’t have more NSA fun nights together.

They take turns sucking me off and then Everett makes me cum on my chest too and I’m completely worn out.

I hope they don’t mind if I spend the night. I’m sure I’ll be up for round two at some point in the next couple hours.

But they’re not done with me. They kiss with my spent dick between their lips, sucking me clean, and then they wipe our mixed cum off my chest.

And they finish it all off with a three-way kiss.

Did I say a couple hours? I’m ready for another round now.

“Bathroom is over that way,” Carter says, standing up straight and stroking his spent cock a few times before finding his sweats and putting them on. His face changes too, going from the horny and needy guy that was inside me only moments ago, to a casual, nonchalant guy who sits back on his couch sipping his beer.

He reminds me of the “straight” guys I’ve slept with who pretend like they didn’t just fuck a non-binary person with a dick #NoHomo style.

“I’m okay,” I say.

Everett is still perched on the floor by my dick and offers me a smile before he reaches for my underwear and puts them back on me, making sure to tuck my soft cock gently inside.

“Feel free to go at any time. Don’t feel pressured to say goodbye or anything,” Carter says and retreats to a room, closing the door behind him.

Well, so much for round two.

“This was fun,” I say. “I-I’d be up for more, if you guys are.”

Everett looks at me from the floor and nods.

“That’d be great,” he says.

He helps me put my jeans back on next and when I’m all dressed up again—with his help, which is kinda nice—he walks me to the door.

“Drive home safe,” he says and gives my lips a kiss. Then he closes the door behind him and I get on my way.

I’m so confused. Why didn't they want me to spend the night? I get the no-strings-attached thing, but spending the night doesn’t mean we’re married all of a sudden. I would have thought what we did, how hot we were, all three of us would count for something.

Maybe I wasn’t their best. Maybe what I thought was—undoubtedly—the best sex of my life, was their mediocre one night stand.

Or maybe they’ve got work early tomorrow? Yeah, let’s go with that. It hurts my ego less.

I don’t know why I care anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time I don’t spend the night with a hook-up and I don’t want to sour the memory of what we’ve just shared.

I’d rather think of them as the two hunks I was gifted with for an hour of uninhibited fun.

A week later, they’re still all I can think about. Every time I beat off, I think of our time together. Of how much fun it was being between them. Being kissed by them. Sucked by them.

By the forward and outgoing Carter and shy, teaseful Everett.

“Hey, you. Where are you?” Freddy asks next to me.

I shake my head and clear my thoughts, focusing instead on the board over the counter with the list of drinks.

“Nowhere. I just got distracted,” I say.

Freddy puts his arm around my neck and presses his nose on my cheek.

“Distracted by…” he slurs.

“By all these drinks,” I say, trying to sound normal.

Freddy’s eyes pop and he pulls away.

“Oh my God, Mx. Tru. Are you still thinking about your hot threesome?” he asks.

My sigh is response enough.

“Was it that hot?” he says. “What am I saying? It was a threesome. Of course it was.”

I elbow him and he fakes getting hurt, crying for help.

“I think I liked you better when you were a shy wallflower, you know,” I tell him and we finally reach the counter.

“Fuck you. I was never a wallflower,” he says.

“Uhm, yes you were. But you were the prettiest wallflower,” I tell him and he grins from ear to ear, batting his lashes at me.

We only met last semester in Poetry class, after I hooked up with his friend Julian, and we kinda clicked. Of course, my fling with Julian didn’t last, but we’re all still friends.

“I just… why didn’t they message again?” I ask him when we come out with drinks.

Julian is there typing on his phone and smoking, just like we left him before we went into Espresso Blues to get our drinks.

“Oh my God. Are you still crying about those guys?” Julian asks.

I elbow him too.

“You people don’t understand how hot it was! How could they not want to do it again?”

“Well… did you message them?” Julian asks.

I sigh again.

“Well, there you go,” he continues.

“Maybe they were a couple and just wanted to experiment, or something,” Freddy says.

“No. They’ve done this before. I’m sure of it. They were so… in sync.”

“If it’s a threesome you’re after, maybe Freddy and his teach are looking to spice things up,” Julian laughs.

Freddy glares at him. “Uhm, Julian, kindly fuck you too. Harry and I are spicy enough thank you very much.”

“Not surprised considering how long you waited to fuck,” Julian continues.

“Well, I wasn’t going to fuck my teacher while he was still my teacher, was I?”

“Didn’t stop you the first time, though. Or the second,” Julian says.

Freddy pushes him away, punching his shoulder for good measure. “That was different.”

“Can we focus on my problem, people?” I ask them.

Julian puts his hands together and apologizes.

“I’m so sorry. I forgot you have a problem… in the head,” he says.

I roll my eyes at him.

“Dude, just message them. You’ve got nothing to lose.”

“I have to agree with Julian here,” Freddy says.

“I can’t… I can’t argue with you guys. I’m going to be late for Calculus 1. Agh. Why do I have to study Math? I just want to paint. Whoever came up with prerequisites is an asshole,” I tell them and break away from them, making my way to the James Madison building.

I find the Calculus class and walk inside to find a few students already there. I grab a spot at the back of the room and open the Cinderfella app on my phone, scrolling through Everett’s and Carter’s shared profile. It’s a shame they don’t have their faces on there. I’ve already started to forget what they look like. I only remember how good they made me feel.

“Good morning, everyone,” someone says at the top of the class and I tuck my phone away, and with it, the thought of messaging them again.

“How was your holiday break?” The guy says. He’s tall and blonde, with short hair and broad shoulders.

He looks familiar, but I don’t know why. I don’t think I’ve taken his class before. Maybe I’ve seen him around campus before.

“My name’s Carter Walker and I’ll be your—”

He pauses when our eyes meet.

I realize where I’ve seen him before. And why his face looks so white all of a sudden.

I was with him only a week ago for a night of hot sex.

Did I just fuck a teacher?


If you thought that was hot, wait until you read what's next...

You can grab your copy of Me Three and find out now.

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