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Welcome to my new home

Well, it took me some time, but here it finally is. My new website, the home for all my romance pen names.

I wanted a base for everyone who's read my books to come to and find out more. Somewhere organised, but also simple enough to navigate. I hope I've achieved this.

I debated starting a blog. I know blogs are becoming extinct and people hardly ever read them anymore (and God knows I don't have the time to add blogging to my schedule), but I wanted somewhere to share my stuff where it's completely uninterrupted by social media algorithms and politics and somewhere that is entirely my own.

Let me set the expectations, though.

What you won't get:

  • Daily/weekly updates

  • Blog Tours and Reviews

  • Author Spotlights and Interviews

What you will get:

  • Monthly updates about my writing, life, and upcoming projects

  • Monthly featured books and giveaways (this will be linked to my monthly newsletter which goes out every third Tuesday of the month)

  • Random musings & posts.

That's it for now. I hope you stick around and subscribe to my blog. If you want more regular updates from me you can join my Facebook Group "Rhys Everly After" or my newsletter "VIP Readers News".

Rhys x

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