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16 Books that WILL transform your author Career

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

I've got a lot stored for 2020 and I can't wait for everyone to join me on this journey.

I know a lot of authors and readers are sharing their favourite books from 2019, but I haven't had the chance to read as much as I wanted to, and that's mainly because I've been focusing on developing my business and craft, so I thought what better thing to share than all the books that have changed the way I write, publish and market my books .

So, here we go.

(please note I'm using Amazon Affiliate links for all the books listed below)

Writing & Craft

by Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman

This book is a great addition to your library. In fact, go on now and get the whole series. You won't regret it.

Ackerman and Puglisi guide you through all emotional wounds and how they can manifest themselves physically, emotionally, behaviourally, etc.

Using this book is a great way to enhance your writing, your characters and bring your story to life.

by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Nelson's book is the best I have found about deep point of view and not only explaining what is, but also how to achieve it in your writing too.

If you're struggling with point of view, then you should definitely check it out.

by Gwen Hayes

Ok. Ok. I can hear you already. You're a pantser and plotting kills your creativity.

Or you're a plotter and you know how to write books.

I said those things and more, until I read this book and not only did it improve the way I write and what I write, but also how my readers connect to the ups and downs that a romance book should have.

If you've read Save the Cat (I have) and don't know how on earth you can translate this into writing a romance, then you have to have this book.


The Author Business

by Crystal Hunt

Hunt has written the book no one else has. I challenge you to find another book about writing a series.

She covers everything from conception to marketing the finished product. The mindset you need and the challenges you might face.

If you've never written a series before, you need to read this book.

If you have written series before, you need to read this book before you write/publish your next instalment.

It's simply that good.

by Chris Fox

Right, so you've read Strategic Series Author, but now you need to read this book.



Get it now.

Before you do anything else.

If you want to be a self-published author and live off your books, you have to read this book. Chris Fox walks you through market research and how to write books people want to buy!

I wish I had this book 7 years ago. My career would be completely different. Or if I'd read this book when it came out. But we all have our journey and mine is this one, so...

Get this book!

by Jewel Allen

This book is great for those not familiar with rapid releasing, what it entails and what it takes to be a best-selling author in the day of indie publishing.

Allen manages to cover everything about indie publishing as well as the main topic of rapid releasing and why it works.

by Chris Fox

Here's another Chris Fox gem.

Is your book not selling? Have your sales plummeted? Has it been a while since you've given your books a makeover?

Then Relaunch Your Novel is the book you've been looking for you.

Chris Fox has been publishing for years and he's tried everything recommended in his book, so take a leaf out of his book and try these out. The results might surprise you.



by Katie Forrest

Are you a master procrastinator?

Who isn't?

The fact of the matter is, if you're procrastinating you need to take a. hard look at how you spend your time and what you can do to improve.

Forrest's book will teach you that and so much more. This book is more than tips and tricks. It's teaching you to look deep down at the root of your problem with time management and solving it.



by Andy Maslen

Drop everything.

Copywriting is a serious business.

I didn't even know what it meant until 2 years ago. I thought it was one of those jobs I'll never understand what people do.

And then came this book and not only did I understand what copywriting is, but also learned how to be good at it.

I have to admit, I've not practiced as much for a while, but this book changed how I feel about marketing and selling my books.

And if you're wondering why you need a book about copywriting (writing copy/text to sell) than you really need this book. Blurbs, newsletters, social media, advertising, website copy, anything you write as an author is with the purpose of selling your books, or at the very least convincing readers to take action, is copywriting. And if you are serious about making writing a career as a self-published author, then you need to master the art of copywriting straight away.

by Bryan Cohen

After you master copywriting, it's time to master blurbs.

Don't let the title fool you. This is a step by step guide on how to write blurbs that will make readers buy your books.

'nough said.



by Brian D. Meeks

Here's a fair warning. Everything pertaining to ads in this book is outdated. Even Meeks has admitted so. Amazon Advertising has changed drastically since this book was written so do not take any of the advice on this book to approach advertising on the platform.

This is not why I'm recommending this book.

The reason i'm recommending this book is everything else in it.

Meeks talks about read-through, blurbs, covers, and how everything affects your Return on Investment. He also explains how you calculate all of these pesky things we need to learn to calculate if we want to make (instead of burning) money from advertising.

by D M Potterm

Now if you want to get serious about Amazon ads this book is more up-to-date. However, do bear in mind Amazon keeps updating their platform which is equal parts exciting and frustrating so if Potter discusses anything and you're not able to find it on your platform, then it's not her fault.

by Mal & Jill Cooper

Are you having trouble with getting your Facebook ads to take off?

Are you wasting time and money on Facebook ad campaigns?

Well, fear no more. With the help of the Coopers, Facebook ads get so much easier and make more sense.

Trust me. Before you go spending money on expensive courses or classes you're never going to attend, buy this book.

by Chris Fox

If you haven't realised by now, Chris Fox's books are curriculum in self-publishing. They're mandatory.

And Ads for Authors Who Hate Math is no different.

Learn how to manage being the publisher and the author of your business even if you have math and spreadsheets.

by David Gaughran

David Gaughran is another important man in indie publishing and if you're not part of his newsletter, you're missing out. David often shares tips, tricks and whole masterclasses in his emails about advertising and how to sell your books.

Bookbub Ads Expert is the only book I know that walks you through the Bookbub ad platform and boy is it a breeze.

If you're serious about your advertising game, this book is essential.



by Tammi Labrecque

Right, we're on our last entry. And probably my favourite book of the lot.

Tammi Labrecque is a black belt master of newsletters and in her book Newsletter Ninja she shares everything you need to know to run a successful mailing list.

You won't find a better book on the subject. And the best thing is there's a sequel in the works due to release this year.


There's obviously so many more books that could have been included in this list, but I guarantee you, if you work your way through these 16 books, you will be on the right path to becoming a full-time author.


Rhys x

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