Elven Duty - Cover Reveal and an Exclusive Excerpt

Elven Duty is a month away, but I'm so excited for this book to come out already.

Here's an exclusive look at the cover and an excerpt I absolutely adore. I hope you enjoy it too.


“Look, I never really believed in soulmates before. But that old Jude was also happy being in a relationship with a cheater, thinking it was how happily ever after looked like in real life,” he said. “But after finding out who I am, who we are, what’s possible… how can you tell me that it didn’t mean anything? If the Aether, and monsters, and elves are real, who’s to say soulmates aren’t?”

My eyes stung and I wanted to bat the wetness in them away, but I couldn’t risk any teardrops. Not while I was trying to resist him.

But how could I when he was making so much sense telling me things I’d always wanted to hear?

“It was just a coincidence,” I muttered under my breath.

“Do you believe in coincidences? Because I learned a long time ago there’s no such thing. It wasn’t coincidence that made us meet and kiss before you knew who I was. It was fate.”

“Fate is unavoidable. This isn’t,” I said, my voice breaking, the fucking traitor.

“Really? Then avoid this,” he said and grabbed me by the neck, guiding my lips to his; his tongue coaxing mine.

His other hand grabbed the small of my back and he leaned over me until he was the only thing holding me from falling on the floor.

And yet, despite everything I knew he’d never do that. He’d never let me go.

So instead, I let go of my last etchings of reserve and returned the kiss with as much passion, our tongues joining together in a wet messy dance that was making me drunk and lightheaded.

Then, just as quickly as it happened, he straightened up and removed his lips from mine, although his hands stayed where they were.

“Fine. But we have to keep this a secret,” I told him and he smiled.

And it wasn’t a sneaky or a naughty smile. It was warm and hopeful. Full of promise.

Cover Reveal