Elven Duty - Exclusive Excerpt

Elven Duty will be here in less than a month and I've got another swoon-worthy excerpt for you!


The lighthouse loomed over us the closer we got, its beam swirling around itself in a dizzying endless dance.

“Wow. It’s beautiful,” Jude said, looking out at the white building and the nature it illuminated.

“Yeah. It’s my favorite place on Earth,” I told him. “There’s a local legend about it.”

“What is it?”

I drove us over the last part of the road that would take us to the building.

“That the light will go out when one meets their soulmate,” I said.

Jude leaned back in his seat, and although he tried to appear composed, I could hear his heartbeat going haywire, pounding in his chest, courtesy of my super-sensitive hearing.

“What does one do around here?” he asked.

I turned the wheel slightly to the left and brought us to a stop. The land continued for a few more feet before ending in a small cliff that led directly to the water.

“Local trade. Farming. Deliveries. Fishing,” I said.

“Which one are you?” he asked, and we both unclipped our seatbelts.

I pressed the button to pull the roof down and watched Jude as he followed it with his gaze until it was nestled in the trunk.

“My trade is… different,” I said.

That was putting it mildly.

“What does that mean?” he smirked, staring right at me.

“It’s… long and complicated. And I’d rather we talk about anything else,” I said.

“Mysterious…” he hummed. “I like it.”

“And dangerous,” I added with a laugh.