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How do you like your series?

Okay, so I've been contemplating my next steps after Vampire Heart (Blade & Dust book 3) comes out on January 31st.

And I thought who better to ask than my readers?

You see, I've got more stories for Blade & Dust in the pipeline, but deciding what direction to take it is troubling me.

Books 1-3 have their own overarching arc which means the story starts in book 1, which has its own independent story, then comes to a climax in book 2 and comes to a conclusion in book 3. That doesn't mean there's cliffhangers at the end of each book, but it does mean the journey the characters go through makes more sense when you read all three of them.

So what comes next?

Herein lies the question. How do you like your series? And we're mainly talking fantasy or mystery series rather than contemporary romance as things are a bit clearer there.

Do you like your books having an overarching theme across several books or do you like each book being standalone so you can dip in and out of the series?

Now, remember, this series features the same couple.

Basically, it boils down to: would you like books 4 to 6 to have a common thread that is unpicked in each book like books 1-3 have, or would you like the rest of the series to feature Wade & Caleb on standalone missions that only make their relationship stronger?


Rhys x

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