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June Reading Recs

We had a bit of a break there as I focused on some projects that needed attention but our Reading Bingo was back this June.

We also have another one going for July.

Here's a reminder of June's Reading Bingo.

And June's winner is David E.

Below, you'll find a list of June's participants reads and perhaps you'll find a new favorite.

Please note this article contains affiliate links.

Storm Bound by Rhys Everly

Handsome, nerdy… oh, and he’s also my boss! When I took the job, I had no idea I’d be working with my dream man.

  • He’s obsessed with my favorite TV show.

  • He’s kind and gentle.

  • And he’s also submissive.

My perfect match, in every way. But after one too many heartbreaks, I don’t cross the line between colleague and lover. That is until the perfect storm hits the shores of my small town. Then, all hell breaks loose. Is he my happily-ever-after? Or a heartbreak in the making? Storm Bound is the fourth book in the Cedarwood Beach small town gay romance series and is completely standalone. It contains two geeks, a D/s dynamic, a hurricane, and a Greek Yaya determined to get her grandson married.

Rival Princes by Jaxon Knight

There are three golden rules for new recruits at Fairyland Theme Park: 1. No breaking character, even if you’re dying of heat exhaustion 2. Always give guests the most magical time 3. No falling in love. Nate’s only been at work one day, and he’s already broken all three. Fast-tracked into a Prince role, Nate’s at odds with Dash, the handsome not-so-charming prince who is supposed to be training him. Nate doesn’t know how he ended up on Dash’s bad side, but the broody prince sure is hot when he gets mad. Dash has worked long and hard to play Prince Justice at Fairyland. Now, instead of focusing on his own performance, he is forced to train newbie Nate to be the perfect prince. Nate’s annoying ease with the guests coupled with his charm and good looks could dethrone Dash from his number one spot … so why does he secretly want to kiss him? Fairyland heats up as sparks fly between the two rival princes. Will they get their fairytale romance before they’re kicked out of Fairyland for good? Find out in this standalone MM contemporary romance by Jaxon Knight, set in an amusement park where fairytales can come true. Rival Princes is a sweet Rivals to Lovers romance with queer characters, set in a fairy tale themed amusement park. Guaranteed HEA. Some cursing, no cheating.

Mate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West

Diplomatic marriages between two members of different planets certainly aren’t unheard of—but for Prince Mikos of Tygeria and Col. Ryan Donnelly of Earth, it might just be a fate worse than death. The union is meant to end a devastating war that has lasted for over a hundred and fifty years, but when the female bride intended for the fierce, sexy prince runs away, her handsome brother is substituted instead. Men are for mating as far as the Tygerian prince is concerned, but the colonel also happens to be Mikos’s sworn enemy, not to mention being completely irritating. Ryan is horrified to learn that the Tygerians not only expect him to take the place of his sister, marry the Bloody Prince of Tygeria, and go to live with him on his mysterious planet, but they also expect him to undergo physical alteration to have the man’s baby! And nobody is taking hell no for an answer. Ryan’s being asked to turn his whole life upside down and the handsome Tygerian gets under his skin like nobody else. But with the fate of the universe at stake, how can he say no? Can the two enemies put aside their differences and focus on making love and not war—not to mention a baby? As a powerful love struggles to take root, can they learn to trust each other and stand together against the forces that are trying to tear them apart?

Royally Pregnant by Sarah Havan

Riley Morgan went to the lake to ride out his heat alone, but due to his intense urge to have sex, he sleeps with Endre, an exceedingly handsome, random guy he meets. When Endre’s knot begins to form, he realizes they aren’t just having sex, they’re mating. Endre has a problem. He glossed over the obvious signs that Riley is an omega and ends up locked inside him. There’d be major repercussions if the world found out the Prince of Andolva was an alpha and impregnated an omega, so he has to bid him farewell. But after they part ways, he knows he made the wrong decision. Now they can’t seem to find each other, and if Endre can’t locate Riley soon, they might never see each other again because The Omega Relocation Unit, a branch of the government that hunts down omegas and traps them in preserves, has been on patrol in Riley’s neighborhood. One misstep from him, and he’s taken away forever. THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER BECAUSE THE STORY CONTINUES IN BOOK TWO.

Wolf Lust by TJ Nichols

Can one night, that could be written off as a drunken mistake, become more when neither of them wants to mess up their friendship or be forced to leave the pack if things don’t work out?

Wolf Lust is a friends to lovers, steamy wolf shifter romance, with a wolf who’s scared to risk his heart only to find it safely held by the man who’s secretly wanted him from the day they first met.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter romance series. Join the wolves as they fight to make their pack official and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA with no cliffhangers and no mpreg.

Omega's Fate by Rosa Swann & Wolf Specter

The Mating Ball used to be a yearly event where bachelor Alpha werewolves meet potential mates, but now it’s a party mostly used to hook up with as many people as you can. Ethan, one of the humans hired to entertain the werewolves, goes into the event with only one expectation: getting paid for having fun. The prospect of maybe meeting an Alpha female is only a bonus. Max, a successful Alpha, has been getting pressure from all sides to settle down and prove his Alpha genes. Two problems: he doesn’t believe that the Mating Ball works and he is only interested in men. Once there, he meets Ethan, who catches his attention immediately, but the man insists that he isn’t gay, or interested in Max. As the ball comes to an end, the two men can no longer deny their attraction and take off together. Only to wake up to a very special surprise. Omega’s Fate is the first story in the completed Mated to the Alpha serial, taking place in a paranormal Omegaverse world where shifters and humans live side by side. This serial has mpreg (male-pregnancy), steamy scenes and cliffhangers.

Heck No, Leo by Dylan Reece

Jumpy investigator Quentin never expected a small town single dad to be his biggest weakness. Or welcome him into his family. On the hunt for a lead in small town Darlington, Quentin instead finds Leo, a broad-chested shifter alpha. The man's surly and grumpy with a clear distrust for visitors. But, there's no denying that he puts Quentin in a toe-curling heat he's never felt before. With feisty twin daughters, Leo has no time for the sweet-scented omega poking around his pack. Even if destiny has other ideas, Leo won’t admit his wolf’s obsession means Quentin is his fated mate. It's clear - he needs protection. Quentin can't be distracted from his mission. Everything depends on it. Until an unexpected attack leaves the hurt omega in Leo’s care. The human never expected to be protected… Or given sweaty self-defense lessons. Or be invited to eight-year-old girls’ birthday party. Or be told he’s destined as Leo’s mate. But the hunter has become the hunted. The longer Quentin stays, the closer his villains come. And they're out for shifter blood. There's only one way to protect his newfound family -- and it might tear Quentin and Leo apart.

Heck No Leo is the fourth book in the Darlington Pack series of wolf shifter mpreg stories. It can be read as a standalone novel, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you read the earlier books for context. This story features enemies to hurt/comfort lovers, a close-knit found family, revelations of Darlington’s backstory, and a growing pack of pups. And of course a guaranteed happily ever after for Leo, Quentin, Lyra, Ada… and one more.


If you'd like to take part in July's Bingo, here are the details!

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