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Love to Binge? Here are 5 things to watch on Disney+

I'm a serial binger. I love love love binge watching and since reading is usually my pre-bed activity, I love watching TV while on my lunch break or in the evening after I switch off for the day.

Disney+ has recently become my go-to channel as I love all things Disney and Marvel and I've been enjoying some of their shows. A lot.

So here's 5 shows/movies to binge on Disney+


It's the sweetest animated film I've seen in a long time, and while I know the two main characters in this film are meant to be BFFs there are so many LGBT undertones to their relationship and that of those around them, that it's a must-watch. I laughed, I cried, I cooed. I loved every single moment.


Talking about crying, this is one show to watch even if you don't care for superheroes. This show literally broke me. I'm still collecting all my pieces off the floor. But it's so so so worth it.

Monsters At Work

If you've read Beau Pair, you know I love Monsters Inc. It's literally one of my absolute favorite movies in the whole-wide world. Well, not only you can watch Monsters Inc. on there, but you can also watch their new animated show which is so much fun. And the animation is on the same level as the movies so it's a joy to watch. I laughed a lot and the child in me was super happy. Especially after such a heart-wrecker like Wandavision.

Mary Poppins Returns

I love Emily Blunt and I love Mary Poppins and I recently sat down and rewatched this movie. It's so exquisite. It's so cute and an instant classic. You must watch this.

Love, Victor

Okay, I still haven't watched the movie Love, Simon, but I watched the first season of Love, Victor and it's OMGOHMYGOSHOOOOMY good. I loved it. And everything about it. And season 2 is now available and I can't wait to tuck in.

And there's so many more goodies I haven't managed to get to yet.

If you're jealous and want some of that, you can 6 months free Disney+ when you sign up to Amazon Music using the link below.

And yes, it's an affiliate link so I get a cut of that, but it's 6 Months FREE. 6 Months. I would so jump at that if I could. But you can.

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