New Releases & Discounted Books - February 2020

Happy February, peeps!

There's been so many great new releases since January's blog post, it's been hard to keep up with my TBR.

Shall we dive in?

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New Releases

Vampire Heart by Rhys Lawless

A war is brewing. Can they stop it? Or will they die trying?

Wade is finally aware of who he is. Even if that comes with its own set of problems. And after a deadly attack, the secrets of the past are threatening to disrupt everything.

Caleb feels powerless. After the events at the Tower Bridge his whole world is shaken up to its core. And he can do nothing to stop the inevitable.

When the vampires go on a murder spree and the supernatural world turns its back on witches, the weight of it all befalls on Wade and Caleb.

But are they strong enough to face what’s coming? Can they stop the war before the sides are drawn? And when the time comes, will they have what it takes to face the greatest threat of all? Losing each other?

Vampire Heart is an MM urban fantasy with lots of magic, powerful emotions, a passionate blooming romance and a touch of kink. This is Book 3 in the Blade & Dust series with the same couple and is better enjoyed as part of the series.

Cross your vampire heart and get your copy now.

How to Catch a Rival by Ana Ashley