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Rhys Recommends - May Edition

Truthfully, this post should have happened 3 weeks ago but

a) I couldn't be arsed putting the blog post together. Wix makes it not so fun TBH.

b) I was getting ready for my vacay-cay.

c) I think you're underestimating how lazy I can get.


May was a big reading month. For me.

I know some of you read 10 books a week, but for me 9 books a month was huge.

And I had so much fun with each and every one of them.

It refilled my creativity well.

And it made me excited for reading again which is a pleasure I haven't had in a while.

I don't know I keep finding the pleasure in reading and then it snuffs out real fast.

But I think I finally figured out why.

I'm an audiobook reader.

I truly am.

I don't think I was to start with. It was a real struggle but over the years the only way I can concentrate enough was to listen to audiobooks which is why I've resorted to listening to audiobooks, or having Alexa read my Kindle books.

Anyway, here are my top, 5 star picks for you.

(the links below are Amazon affiliate links which means if you buy, borrow, or read any of these books I will make small commission. I fully support these books and really enjoyed them so my opinions have not been bought.)

1. Atlas by Michelle Frost

For a quick Urban Fantasy that's also an introduction to a new series, you need this on your TBR. Mages and cute baristas and quirky Seers. Gah, I loved it!

2. How to Catch a Happy Ever After by Ana Ashley

You can never go wrong with Ana Ashley's books. They're as much a comfort read as they are entertaining. Even when she decides to rip your heart out and serve it on a platter. Not this book though. This was such a joyride. What a blast to revisit all the couples from Chester Falls and get a little cheeky look into their future and their lives together. Absolutely love it. But reading the rest of the series first is a must. Don't say I didn't warn you!

3. Spencer Cohen Book 1 by N.R. Walker

My first N.R. Walker book, but certainly not my last! (I know. It's blasphemy it took me this long). I absolutely love this series (I also finished book 2 and eagerly waiting for my next credit to listen to book 3). Spencer is a Boyfriend for Hire but he falls head over heels for sweet, insecure Andrew. Plus Joel Leslie does a fab job with all the dialogue and accents.

*Included with subscription-you don't need to use a credit to listen

4. Egotistical Puckboy by Saxon James and Eden Finley

Look, I don't even get hockey as a sport but I still loved these guys and they made me laugh and fan myself. This was pretty hot. And cute. And funny. #Swoon. I'm definitely reading all the rest.

5. Dark Space by Lisa Henry

I'm too embarrassed to say how long this has been on my TBR. But once I started I couldn't stop until I finished all 3 books. And what a joy it was. If you have triggers you might want to check this book is right for you, but it was phenomenal and I loved every second.

*Included with subscription-you don't need to use a credit to listen

6. AITA?: A modern fairy tale by Cassie Alexander

I know it's not MM, I know it's got some cheating but boy, oh boy this was a thrill. Summoning a demon has never been this fun. (Except when we summon Loki, of course. Let's not forget ourselves.)

I had SO. MUCH. FUN. listening to this joy of a sapphic/FF romance and I need you to read it too so we can all go crazy over it together.

Also be prepared to cry with the author's letter at the end. I did.

That's all for now.

I hope you give some of these books a chance.

Happy reading!

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