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Featured Releases & Promotions- December 2019

Welcome everyone to my first Featured Releases & Promotions for December 2019.

These posts are a way for me to consolidate books and giveaways that I think are worth your time and to migrate them from within my newsletter into a more organised format (and keep my emails shorter).

I've got some lovely Urban Fantasy as well as MM Romances for you this month so scroll on through and take your pick. There's lot of goodies, but it's Christmas. Can you blame me for feeling generous?

Please note I use affiliate links for the Amazon products listed below.


Featured Releases

How to Catch a Prince

When you’re faking a relationship, the last thing you should do is fall in love...especially with a prince.

 Charlie is back in his hometown of Chester Falls for his sister's wedding. What he needs is a date to keep him away from the wandering hands of his ex.

 Prince Kristof of Lydovia, or simply Kris, needs an escape from the latest press scandal. Hiding away in an American small town doesn't mean he can't pretend to not be royal, or be someone's boyfriend. Especially when that someone keeps falling all over him, literally.

Intense chemistry A family wedding Too many secrets

 When their fake relationship starts to feel very real, and the press closes in, how will Kris and Charlie handle the fallout? And when the truth comes out will Charlie catch his prince, or will he let him go?

 Welcome to Chester Falls, where you can expect to meet sweet men, sexy situations, interfering friends, lots of feels, and a happy ever after.

Book One in the Chester Falls series. How To Catch a Prince is a sweet and steamy MM romance novel with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

Risk Assesment: A Cabrini Law Novel

All they have left is their pride.

Elliot Smith was once a hotshot attorney, but those days are long gone. A midlife crisis of conscience has left him with shattered confidence, abandoned by his former friends and scraping by at a legal aid clinic. When a smoking hot bad boy rescues him from the side of the road, Elliot is sure he doesn’t stand a chance.

After a misspent youth boosting cars, Lucas Kelly runs his own garage and is finally getting his life back on track. He isn’t about to risk everything by daring to hope for something more, especially not with a man so far above his pay-grade.

The heat between them is enough to have them questioning everything they thought they knew about themselves. But is explosive chemistry enough to keep them together when Elliot’s career threatens to drive them apart?

What happens when you're attracted to the very person who wants to kill you?

Gianni, a born vampire, lives among undead brethren striving to find his place in their society.

Franklin, a vampire hunter, accepts a mission from the Scourge to capture Gianni for testing.

The pair meet along dark city streets, and an ill-fated attraction smolders between them. Natural enemies form an unlikely bond, but the peace between them cannot last.

The Scourge--an ancient organization bent on conquering supernaturals--need a born vampire for their labs. Franklin needs to rise in the ranks to live up to his family name. Gianni is caught in the fray. Where shame and betrayal loom large, can a vampire and a slayer find love, or will one have to kill the other to survive?

Slay My Love is a gay paranormal romance with a slow burn and an enemies to lovers trope. Content includes passionate scenes and violence. Intended for mature readers. 56,000 words, standalone, no cliffhanger ending, HFN



For hundreds of years, vampires and therians have lived in a state of precarious tolerance. Now, the existence of a vampire artifact of incredible power could bring that balance to an end. The first lines in the coming war are drawn, and Valentin Alekseev finds himself in the middle of a fight he knows nothing about.

Meet Valentin and see the wheels set in motion in the prequel to the riveting Perfect Timing trilogy:

Out of Hope (Perfect Timing book 1)

Out of Time - (Perfect Timing book 2)

Out of Choice - (Perfect Timing book 3)

Short story set in the Kitsune Chronicle world as Liam and Sebastian celebrate Halloween in Maple Falls, Washington.


Freebie Promotions

A Celebration of Non-Traditional Romance Heroes and Heroines

Get these books fast! This promotion ends January 1st!

Do you prefer your romances with a touch of darkness? Creepy creatures? A little magic, maybe? What wicked good luck you have! Check out all these free ebooks just howling your name!

Love Is Love! Join us in celebrating diversity in love by collecting a book or five featuring love stories between interracial couples and LGBTQIA couples.


That's it for this month. Make sure to return next month for more goodies.

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