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New Releases & Discounted Books - April 2020

One month on lockdown now. How are you spending all your free time, if you have any?

I've been very productive (and have had my bad days too), but I'm quite on top of my admin and now trying to catch up with my writing projects.

What about you?

If reading is your favorite quarantine pasttime, then I've got some goodies for you this month.

You will notice, I've changed the layout on these posts. I wanted to make it more streamlined for y'all and less text heavy. As such, the page might take a little longer to load, so if it does, please be patient. It's worth it.

If you hover over the picture it will tell you if the book is on KindleUnlimited. I'm glad to say this week, all books are on the KU programme.

Please note I use affiliate links for the Amazon products listed below.

New Releases

Discounted Books


That's it for this month.

Hope your TBR is brimming.

See you next month.

Rhys x

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