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New Releases & Discounted Books - March 2020

Wow. What a month it has been. Right?

I can't believe how things have changed in such a short time. We're now living in historical times and Covid-19 is impacting the world on a scale we've never seen in our lifetimes.

Scary stuff.

But I'm also astounded by the community spirit that is prevalent everywhere online and offline. Doctors, nurses, carers, shop assistants, teachers and what not are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe and sane and it's heartwarming to watch and hear about all the stories that are coming out of these troubling times.

Well, we may not be doctors, but we can help heal and entertain the soul, so I've gathered some of the hottest new releases in Gay Romance to help take your mind off things and escape in some wonderful worlds.

Shall we start?

You will notice, I've changed the layout on these posts. I wanted to make it more streamlined for y'all and less text heavy. As such, the page might take a little longer to load, so if it does, please be patient. It's worth it.

If you hover over the picture it will tell you if the book is on KindleUnlimited. I'm glad to say this week, all books are on the KU programme.

Please note I use affiliate links for the Amazon products listed below.

New Releases

Discounted Books


Happy reading everyone.

Stay safe, and see you next month.

Rhys x

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