New Releases & Discounted Books - May 2020

The world may have slowed down, picked up, and slowed down again, but I'll tell you who hasn't slowed down.


If you thought now would be the time to catch up with your TBR, you were wrong! 😂

So here is a bunch of books for your reading pleasure.

You will notice, I've changed the layout on these posts. I wanted to make it more streamlined for y'all and less text heavy. As such, the page might take a little longer to load, so if it does, please be patient. It's worth it.

If you hover over the picture it will tell you if the book is on KindleUnlimited. I'm glad to say this week, all books are on the KU programme.

Please note I use affiliate links for the Amazon products listed below.

New Releases

Discounted Books

That's all folks.

Stay sane and healthy and see you next month with more juicy recs.

Rhys x

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