The First (Uneventful) Date - Saturday Shorts

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This short takes place between Killer Heart (book 1) and Demon Heart (book 2)


Why am I nervous?

Oh yeah. My first date with Caleb. The first official date that I could, and would, actually remember.

And boy, did I have a lot to be nervous about.

Not only was I going out with someone who had been with other men before, I was also going out with a lover I didn’t remember. I was competing with my old self, although how much of an old self could the one controlled by Christian be, that was a different question.

I still couldn’t wrap my head around everything that happened on that rooftop and everything that happened before it. But thankfully, Caleb had stuck with me and was willing to show me the ropes.

Don’t ask me what he saw in me. I had no clue.

My phone pinged, and I picked it up to read the message.

8pm. Covent Garden. Dress casual, the message said.

It only served to make me more nervous.

I decided to keep myself busy with getting ready. I showered and shaved and applied copious amounts of deodorant on. Then, I approached my wardrobe, and while I never had any issue with getting dressed and picking outfits, this one proved a challenge too.

For fuck’s sake. What am I going to wear?

There was casual and then there was cuh-sual.

I resorted to a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket over a black t-shirt. With wallet and phone in check, and the hilt of my sword tucked in the chest pocket of my jacket, I left the house and walked through Central London all the way to Covent Garden.

I got there at quarter to eight, and he got there at eight on the dot. Always on time. You wouldn’t expect someone like Caleb to be so punctual, but he was, and it made him all the more interesting to me.

He was wearing a pair of extra skinny beige chinos that looked too much like he was naked, which made my own tight jeans even tighter. A flowery top and a long black coat complemented the rest of the outfit and he looked hot as fuck. Business as usual.

It was funny that I thought of it as business as usual considering I’d never been with a man before—memory loss excluded.

Caleb wrapped his hands around my neck and planted a kiss on my lips that scandalized me, whatever that meant. I’d never used that word before for anything, but it seemed fitting around him.

“Hey,” he said when he pulled back, the grey of his eyes catching the glimmer of the streetlights.

“I missed you,” I told him before I could control myself. We’d only been together last night. After two days of learning the ins and outs of his body, I thought it’d be a nice change to learn who he was as a person too.

Caleb smiled despite my cheesiness and laced his fingers with mine, setting off north of Covent Garden.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” he said and continued his walk.

We made small talk while window-shopping until we got to a big red door with a single bouncer outside. Caleb nodded at him, and he opened the door for us. We walked through a narrow corridor and descended the stairs into a cavern that led us to a dungeon, a soft mellow music breaking through the surrounding speakers.

I looked around at the other patrons and thought I caught sight of some wings and a couple of big dogs, but I shook my head and focused my attention to Caleb, who approached the bar and ordered two cocktails. </